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PWSA Releases 2023 Year in Review

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May 10, 2024


Initiatives to upgrade infrastructure and modernize our water distribution system will provide you with more secure, reliable water services now and in the future.

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) continues to reach new heights in the delivery of safe, high-quality drinking water to the communities we serve.

“Our team continues to make major progress in service to the public and our environment. By putting this kind of information at your fingertips, we’re informing stakeholders of specifically how we’re investing their dollars and improving services, said PWSA CEO Will Pickering.”

We invite you to review our 2023 Year in Review and take a closer look at our recent accomplishments.  you’ll get a sense for how we’re transforming Pittsburgh’s water system, improving performance and service reliability, and protecting public health and our environment. You can find the report online pgh2o.com/about-us/performance.

Report Highlights

Last year, we celebrated record low levels of detection in routine lead testing and replaced our 10,000th lead service line. In fact, so far this year, we’ve surpassed the 11,000th mark, and we remain committed to removing all lead lines from our system.

Since 2022, we’ve made continuous progress on our Water Reliability Plan, recently breaking ground on the Highland Reservoir Pump Station. As we complete more of these projects, customers will experience fewer service disruptions that may have caused boil water advisories in the past.

To accelerate these critical projects while reducing the cost to customers, we pursue external funding from state and federal sources. Last year, we received more than $150 million in new low- interest loans and $22 million in grant funding, helping us stretch ratepayer dollars and keep rates as low as possible.

As a non-profit, publicly owned and operated water authority, every dollar we receive is reinvested back into our water system. At PWSA, it’s about service, not profit – we don’t have shareholders and we work for you.

At PWSA, we’re modeling a clear vision for the future, and we have a plan to get there. We encourage you to review our 2023 Year in Review and see for yourself.

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