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October 30, 2023


PWSA joins City of Pittsburgh, WPEC partners in collaboration to advance Pittsburgh's sustainability goals

Pittsburgh, PA – With an eye to the future and a more sustainable Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) joined the City of Pittsburgh and other Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium (WPEC) partners to announce an agreement committing to the purchase of wind power and the use of clean energy to support the production and operations of essential public services – including the production and delivery of safe, reliable water services. 

Under this agreement, which amends a 2021 agreement with NRG Energy, Inc, WPEC has committed to purchasing 61,320 MWhs of wind power annually, accounting for approximately 40% of the group's total load. PWSA holds the largest share at 30% of the total, underlining our dedication to sustainable energy practices. By committing to this portion of wind generated power, we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of removing 3,000 gasoline powered cars off the road each year.

The daily production of drinking water, moving it through filters and pumps for treatment before it reaches homes and businesses, is an energy intensive operation. In alignment with our mission to protect the environment through the delivery of safe and reliable water services, PWSA utilizes sustainable practices, like the use of clean energy, to power the infrastructure that moves water through our system. 

In the coming years, as PWSA completes the series of Water Reliability Plan projects to renew century-old water infrastructure, we will achieve greater energy efficiencies as new, modern infrastructure comes online. This investment, coupled with our use of renewable energies, will create a more efficient system and in turn, greater sustainability for the daily production of water services.  

This agreement underscores PWSA's mission to protect the environment and aligns with the goals outlined in the City of Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, including achieving full carbon-neutrality by 2050 and procuring 100% renewable electricity for all purchased energy by 2030. Additionally, this agreement further safeguards the region’s energy needs by providing a long-term hedge against rising energy prices.

“We are proud to join the City of Pittsburgh and other WPEC partners to reimagine our city powered by clean, renewable energy,” said Will Pickering, CEO of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. “This collaboration brings us closer to our clean energy goals, while also promoting a sustainable and resilient future for our customers and the City of Pittsburgh.”

PWSA remains committed to its role as a responsible steward of the environment and will continue to collaborate with WPEC and other partners to make significant strides in reducing carbon emissions and fostering a greener future for generations to come.

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