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PWSA Joins United for Infrastructure 2022

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May 30, 2022


Event highlights how PWSA is tackling Pittsburgh’s water infrastructure needs

From clean water to safe transportation, and reliable broadband – investing in quality, affordable infrastructure is essential across the nation and locally here in Pittsburgh.

To help drive home the criticality of reliable infrastructure in every one of our communities, just last week PWSA participated in the 10th annual United for Infrastructure national advocacy and educational event. From May 16 – May 20, PWSA joined businesses, labor organizations, and elected officials across the country to spread the word around the importance of investing in our nation’s infrastructure and to share information about some of our most important infrastructure investments.

United for Infrastructure provided PWSA with an additional opportunity to highlight the historic investments we are making in our water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure, which thousands of customers and Pittsburgh residents 
rely on each day. From the comprehensive projects in our Water Reliability Plan to the water, sewer, and stormwater projects happening in our neighborhoods, our community is watching first-hand the renewal of Pittsburgh’s complex water system.

Prior to the kickoff of United for Infrastructure in the Pittsburgh region, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette featured PWSA’s Water Reliability Plan – a series of once-in-a-generation projects that will modernize our water distribution system – in a recent weekend edition. This long-form article gives a detailed overview of our water distribution system, including how water makes it from the river to your tap, and highlights how we’re building redundancy into the system through several infrastructure projects – housed under the umbrella of our Water Reliability Plan.

The series of projects within the Water Reliability Plan are the most ambitious investment in PWSA’s modern history. Over the next several years, we will invest $470 million to renew critical components of our water production and distribution system. This includes large transmission pipes, reservoirs, pump stations, and electrical systems that help deliver water.

Ratepayer dollars will help fund these projects, and like many of our water main and sewer rehabilitation projects, we are aggressively pursuing state and federal funding for the work. 

We encourage you to check out the full Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article. For a comprehensive overview of our participation and highlighted projects, please visit our National Water Sector Events page and follow PWSA on social media. As always, for a list of current and future projects, visit our Projects & Maintenance site.

PWSA is proud to have participated in this national event and to have shared important information regarding our infrastructure renewal projects. While our work as public servants is never done, we at PWSA are confident the strategic projects and priorities we’ve been undertaking will further transform our water system while rebuilding trust with the public we serve.

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