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PWSA Begins Rehabilitation on Rising Main in Highland Park

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February 10, 2022


Work will increase resiliency in the water distribution system

This week, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority took Rising Main 3, a large-diameter water main in Highland Park, out of service for rehabilitation. This project, part of the Water Reliability Plan, is the first of several once-in-a-generation projects that will take place over the next several years. 

The rehabilitation of Rising Main 3 will improve the reliability of our water system and improve hydraulic performance to distribute water from one part of the system to another. Rising Main 3 carries water from the Bruecken Pump Station to the Highland II Reservoir. While under construction, Rising Main 4, a redundant, parallel water main, will continue to supply water to the reservoir. Rehabilitation of Rising Main 3 will continue through 2022 and Rising Main 4 will also undergo rehabilitation in 2023. We will invest nearly $12 million over the next two years on both projects. 

This work comes after lengthy inspection and design work that began in 2019. PWSA's engineering team assessed the condition of Rising Main 3 and nearby Rising Main 4 using excavations and robotic exploratory tools to photograph the entire length of both pipes. Extensive inspection of the pipe in the planning phase ensures that the rehabilitation is done efficiently.

Creating a Resilient Water System

Much of Pittsburgh’s water infrastructure was constructed a century ago and has served us well for generations. It is now time to rebuild our large water pumping, distribution and storage systems so current and future generations of customers can enjoy secure, reliable water services. 

Over the next five years, we will embark upon a remarkable journey to strengthen the heart of our water system through a series of projects identified in the Water Reliability Plan. These projects will happen sequentially to improve water system resiliency and reliability for decades to come. This is a $300 million investment in Pittsburgh’s water future. 

"After years of planning and design, I am thrilled that our Water Reliability Plan projects are entering construction," said PWSA CEO Will Pickering. “Like much of our water system, Rising Main 3 is buried, and out of sight and out of mind for our customers, but is critical to providing safe and reliable water for future generations of Pittsburghers,” he said.

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