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2021 Capital Spending

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October 1, 2021


Construction and capital funding remain strong through October.

Through the end of September, PWSA has invested over $72.5 million in capital improvement projects. Projects focusing on the water distribution system remains our highest expenditure category, with $45.5 million invested this year. 

The 2020 Small Diameter Water Main Replacement contract is our most active project, followed by the Fifth and Forbes Water Main Replacement Project. The Small Diameter Water Main Replacement Project focuses on the rehabilitation of waterlines across our service area to improve water service reliability. The Fifth and Forbes Water Main Replacement Project is currently under construction and will install new water mains and new service lines for customers along Forbes and Fifth avenues. 

PWSA is also investing in our sanitary and storm infrastructure by funding sewer lining and rehabilitation projects. Improving our sanitary network remains a main focal point at PWSA, with close to $7 million spent on projects this year. By committing significant funding to sewer rehabilitation, we can continue to maintain our existing infrastructure and strengthen the system to ensure wastewater is properly conveyed to ALCOSAN.

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