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Record Capital Investment Strengthens Our Water Future

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October 1, 2021


With the approval of our five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is projected to invest approximately $1.4 billion in projects that will modernize critical water infrastructure, optimize the performance of our systems, and improve reliability of essential water services.

As a publicly owned and operated utility, every dollar we receive is reinvested back into our water, wastewater, and stormwater systems. The 2022 – 2026 CIP is an ambitious plan that describes how ratepayer dollars will be used to deliver reliable water services. As these projects are completed, our customers, Pittsburgh, and the region will benefit by having a system that is built to meet the demands that today’s population and economy places on a modern water utility. 

This means that improvements to our water infrastructure will ensure the reliability of our water services, that century-old sewer lines will be fortified to keep wastewater flowing, and that new stormwater infrastructure will help our neighborhoods become more resilient to the impacts of increased rainfall and climate change.

In 2022 we anticipate investing approximately $181 million in a wide variety of capital projects, which will be the largest annual capital outlay in our history and a nearly 56 percent increase from 2021’s forecasted total. Investment will gradually increase through 2026 and will result in the completion of critical projects that will improve the safety and reliability of our water future for many years to come. 

**Ongoing Investment in Infrastructure **

The past several years have focused on the replacement of lead service lines with the greatest amount of capital spending being allocated to the water distribution system. The 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Plan accounts for the level of investment necessary to continue removing lead service lines while turning our attention to other essential water, wastewater, and stormwater projects.

Over the next five years, we will invest nearly $300 million in the Water Reliability Plan, a series of large-scale water improvement projects that will strengthen our water system, add redundancy, and provide an uninterrupted supply of safe, quality water.  

Customers will also see improvements in our wastewater infrastructure, primarily focusing on the rehabilitation of aging sewer lines. Investment in stormwater projects that capture the rain and reduce the amount entering our sewer system will also become more prominent. These wastewater and stormwater investments will result in significant improvements to our sewer system, which due to aging infrastructure and increased rainfall requires immediate attention.   

To view the full version of the 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program and other financial reports, please visit Pgh2o.com/about-us/finance.

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